V. Wind music

V. wind music

PAS  DE  DEUX IN JAZZ op.. 7a 4 trumpets, 4 hrns, 3 tromb, 2 tb+percussion, duration: 13 minutes, CD: HC 30 – Harmonie-Musik

The male and the female are standing op..posite each other

VERSCHOLLENE WERKE BERÜHMTER MEISTER op. 82 for wind band, from the adventure suite:  Rebellion, for 3 fl,2 ob/cor angl, 2 B clar, bass clar, 2 bassoons , contrabassoon, 4 F hrn, 3 C trp, 3 tromb, tba,timpani, duration: 2:46,  published by Arcadia CD: Spot-01 – Adventure

from the festivity suite:  Ritual, for picc, 2 fl, 3 ob, cor angl, 3 B clar, bass clar, 2 bassoons, contrabassoon, 4 F hrn, 3 C trp, 3 tromb, tba, timpani, tam tam, big drum, strings, duration: 2:02,

Siegesfeier, for picc, 2 fl, 2  ob,2  B clar,2 bassoon,4 F hrn,2 B trp,3 tromb,tba,timp, big drum, strings, duration:1:59, Krönungsmesse, oboe, orgue, strings, duration: 1:03

published by Arcadia CD: Spot-02 – Festivity

DIE WILDE JAGD,  op. 84 2 fl(2.fl.ad lib),1 ob(ad lib),2 cl in B,  cl in B/ES,2 alto sax in Es(ad lib), tensax in B(ad  lib), barsax in  Es (ad lib),bassoon (ad lib),4 hrn in F(3.+4.ad lib),3  tenhrn  in B(2.+3.ad lib),baryton,3 trp in B,3 tromb,2 tba, glockensp, trgl, band cymbals,  side drum,  big drum, duration: 4:34

descrtiption of the mythe of  Wotan and his wild hunting

DIE WILDE JAGD QUINTETT op. 84a for wind quintet (2 trp, hrn, tromb, tba) and perc., CD: HC 7 – Kammermusik, HC 25 – 25 Jahre Harmonia Classica

descrtiption of the mythe of  Wotan and his wild hunting

WIENER  HORNFANFARE op. 89 for 8 F horns, duration: 1:40  minutes

for 50 years of the  UNO

RHAPSODIE   FÜR   BLASORCHESTER   op.   93   duration:   10   minutes

variation with popular music, swing, blues and lyric music

NÖ FANFARE op. 102 for 3 trumpets in B, 2 trombones, band cymbals, side and big drum, duration: 1:40 minutes, CD: NÖM Mix, HC  30 – Harmonie-Musik

for a competition

FOXY LADY op. 114 Swing for big band, duration: 4:05 minutes

Swing Swingband

POLLHAM TREU op. 118 for wind band (2 fl, 3 cl, 2 flhrn, 2 hrn, tenhrn, baryt, 3 tromb, 2 tb, band cymb, side and big drum, duration: 4:50 minutes

festivity march

HEIMATRECHT IST MENSCHENRECHT-FANFARE op. 156 for 2 trumpets, F-horn, tromb and tuba, duration: 3:45 minutes, CD and MC: HC 15 – Die Vertriebenen + HC 25 – 25 Jahre Harmonia Classica

for the 120 celebration of the Deutschen Schulverein

LIEDER MIT BLASORCHESTER op. 163 for soprano, tenor and wind band ( 3,1,6,0/ e trp, 3 flh, 1 hrn in F, 3 tenh, 2 tba, 3 perc), duration: 5:40 minutes

for 2 soloists and wind band

MEIN BILD VON TIROL op.. 234 for wind band, duration: 7:45 Min