Public opinion about Alexander Blechinger

Beside many acknowledgements – Theodor Körner Prize for his 2nd opera – and proclamtions A.Blechinger was commissioned “Washington General” by the state of Washington.

The Neue Kronenzeitung about the first performance of “Ins Antlitz der Unterdrückung”: 

“Blechinger – a gentle lion – showing his filed claws. All packed into effective rhythm and sound arrangements.”

The Furche: 

” The oratorio unites with fascinating vitality, melodic lines of a new music which overcomes the serial composing by invention, with sequences of biting parody.”

The Wiener Zeitung: 

” A soundintensive finale got set with Alexander Blechinger’s “Hymne an Pan”.”

Prof. Dr. Marcel Prawy about “Song of Constitution”: 

“It’s really good. Music about American history written by an Austrian composer.”

The Austrian ambassador, Washington D.C.: 

” Song of Consitution is a very good contribution to the 200-year celebration.”

Norman Shetler, pianist: 

” The Viennese composer Alexander Blechinger indeavors to continue the great music tradition of Vienna. The great successes of his compositions tell us that he is right.”

Ronald S.Lauder, American ambassador, about “Leaves of Grass”: 

” I am delighted about such concrete evidence of American/Austrian cooperation.”

Dr.Helmut Zilk, ret.Mayor of Vienna: 

” Recently I listened to your record – I liked it. Congratulation!”

Samuel Perez, pianist: 

” I have been enjoying your CD immensely. The emotional range, command of the tools of composition, radiant optimism, humor and joy of life conveyed are most impressive!”

Michael Birkmeyer, director of the ballet school of the Wiener Staatsoper: 

“Blechinger’s balletmusic “Muhammeds Traum” should be rehearsed by the best students of the ballet school.”

Franz Olah, federal minister ret.: 

“Your music is different, new, but it will surely be accepted. It is audible and beautiful.”