Alexander Blechinger Porträt

Alexander Blechinger was born in 1956 and studied from 1975 till 1985 at the Wiener Musikhochschule: structure, composition, instrumentation, conducting, coaching, percusssion, filmmusic, singing and piano.

In 1982 he was co-founder of the ensemble HARMONIA NOVA, now called HARMONIA CLASSICA whose artistic director he is. Since 1983 he is freelance composer.

Commissions include: Music for films and TV, for different Austrian and international institutes like the Austrian Post, several businesses and interpreters.

Alexander Blechinger about Alexander Blechinger:
“I hear the music before I write it down; it grows within me. It is my job to listen to what is going on inside, to hear my kind of music, and then to notate it so precisely that it will have the optimum effect. The process is both active and passive: taking distance from “construction”, accepting ideas and their elaboration: that is, preserving and developing the character present in the idea. Each of my pieces is an experience of its own, a part of me and my life. I see my pieces almost as children, to be regarded as entities of their own, as independent beings. My main obligation is to my ear – music simply has to sound good. The rest takes care of itself, by the expression of my personal life in music. It’s very important for me that my music is communicating to the audience and that it is understood.

Since 1983 concerts with his music in Austria (Golden hall in Vienna), Europe, USA (New Hampshire Music Festival), Asia. His film music is broadcasted worldwide.

1992: Theodor Körner Award for the Opera “Die Böse Sieben”

2006: Sudeten German Culture Award for Music

2008 + 2009: performance of the Opera „Max & Moritz“ in St. Margarethen.

Until now he has 5 LPs and 46 CDs.