III. Soloists, Choir und Orchestra

III soloists, choir and orchestra

SYMPHONIE  ODER  DER ZUSAMMENKLANG op. 6,  from texts of the  „Hohe Lied“ from the bible,  mezzosoprano,   tenor,   choir and orchestra (4,2,4,3/4,3,2,1/2 hartromb/4 perc/stringorch.),   movement 1-3 instrumental,  movement  4 Soli and choir,  4.movement can be played alone, as the movemens 1-3, duration:  40 minutes (1.movement: 7:15, 2.movement: 5:30, 3.movement: 11:00,  4.movement: 16:00 minutes)

The story of Sulamith and her lover

DIE  VISION op. 32 oratorium from texts of Johannes vom  Kreuz, Angelus     Silesius  a.o. for tenor,choir,orgue  and orchestra(1,1,1,0/1,1,1,0/harp/orgue/2 perc/stringorch), duration: 35 minutes.  published by Weinberger Verlagsgruppe CD: 911201.

Mystisch and aufregend, Johannes vom Kreuzens Kontakt zum Göttlichen

SONG OF CONSTITUTION op. 34 from original texts of the declaration of Independence,  the  Constitution  of the United  States  and  of politicians and artists of this time, for sop.r,ten, speaker, a speaker‘s quartet and a voice quartet,  choir and orch.(2,2,3,3/4,3,3,0/3 perc/harp/stringorch.),  duration: 40 minutes, LP: KKM 3053.CD: FKM 0105, DICD 920461

story of the constitution on the occasion of 200 years American Constitution

INS ANTLITZ DER UNTERDRÜCKUNG op. 48 from a libretto of Roman Rocek,  coloratuarsoprano, soprano,  tenor, baritone,  speaker, choir and orchestra   (2,2,2,2/2,2,2,1/2  perc, harp, piano, stringorch), duration:   51 minutes, CD: FKM 0100

musical satire about the cultural affairs

UNSERE HEIMAT op. 159 for soprano, tenor, children‘s choir and orchestra (2,2,2,2/4,3,3,1/timpani, 3 perc, string orchestra), from a text of Ilse Storfer, duration: 5:00 minutes, CD and MC: HC Nr.15

the musical credo for our homeland

WIEVIELE ZEICHEN, AUF STERBENDEM KONTINENT from „Diadumenos“ op.167 for bass, choir and orchestra (3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/4 perc,  strings), duration: 2:35 min, CD: HC Nr.16

DIE VERTRIEBENEN op.170 for soprano, 2 baritones, bass, 2 speakers, choir, children‘s choir and orchestra (3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/4 perc/harp/ piano/strings), duration: 22 minutes, CD and MC: HC Nr.15

the story of the German driven away people for the humanity and against the  humanity and  the inhumanity

1919 – MAERZGEDENKEN op.191 for chamber orchestra, 3 soloists, 4 speakers and choir, duration: 40 minutes