II. Soloists and orchestra

II Soloists and orchestra


LIEBESLIEDER op. 14 from poems of  Paula von Preradovic, for fl,cor anglais,clar,harp,stringquintett, mezzosopr, duration: 20 minutes, published by Weinberger Verlagsgruppe. LP: KKM-3051, HC 2

6 different ways to view love

HYMNE  AN  PAN  op. 21 from a text of  Aleister  Crowley, f0r lyric baritone or tenor and chamberorchestra (1,1,1,0/1,1,1,0/ harp/ piano/ perc/ stringquintett), duration:   10  minutes, LP: KKM 3050, CD: HC 5 – Wär’ Fasching doch das ganze Jahr

adjuration of Pan full of great sounds 

LEAVES OF GRASS op. 28 from the poem of Walt Whitman, for lyric baritone, piano and stringquintett,  duration:  18 minutes, published by FKM. LP: KKM 3050.CD: FKM 0105

declaration of the selfconsciousness of the American individualisme

KLAVIERKONZERT op. 35 for piano and orchestra(1,1,1,1/2,2,1,0/ perc/harp/stringorch) duration:  27 minutes,  published by Bella Musica, Antes-Edition, LP: KKM 3054 CD: 911201 + BM CD 31.9102

jazzy and romantic

1.HORNKONZERT op.  61 for high horn and  orchestra (2  fl,1  ob,1 horn, 1   tr, 1   contra bassoon,1   tuba,2   perc. (timpani, tam- tam,Claves, triangle, cymbals,…), stringorch., duration:  16 minutes, published by WWV, CD-HC 3

Painting with the harmonic colours of the horn different impressions which remind of fareast beings

2.HORNKONZERT    op.   67 for horn   and    orchestra (2,2,2,2/2,2,0,0,0/Pkn/Str) duration:  16  minutes,  published by: WWV, CD: HC 6

dramatic – romantic – rhythmic

SEELENLIEDER op. 78 A for coloraturo soprano and orchestra (3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/timpani, 3 perc, harp, piano, stringorchestra), from a Text of Margit Margreiter, duration: 10:20 minutes, CD: HC 14

the musical story of the soul

VERSCHOLLENE  WERKE BERÜHMTER KOMPONISTEN op. 82  for piano  and orchestra, form the adventuresuite: Frauenheld,   4  hrn,2  tromb, piano, timpani, solovl,strings, duration: 3:57, published by Arcadia CD: Spot-01- Adventure

VIOLINKONZERT  op. 87 for violine and orchestra,  1 fl,  1  ob,  1 cl.in B, 1 bassoon, 2 hrn in F, 2 trp in B, side drum, timpani, strings duration: 26:43, published by Bella Musica, Antes-Edition, CD BM-CD 31.9102

elements of Austrian and Latinamerican music combined to a musical story

SCHLAGZEUGKONZERT   op.   91  for percussion,   2   horns   and stringorchestra, duration: 20:42, published by Bella Musica, Antes-Edition, CD: BM CD 31.9172

a concert fo chamber orchestra and percussion with a theme „St.Leopold, dich rufen wir“ which goes through all the movements

FAGOTTKONZERT op. 111 for bassoon, tam tam, band cymbals, 2 timpani, hanging cymbals, harp and strings, duration: 24:50, CD- HC 2

concert with 5 movements and a tragic-comical story about the good and the evil, very virtuose

KLARINETTENKONZERT op. 123 for clarinet and orchestra (2,2,2,2/3,3,1,0/timpani,harp,5 perc/strings), duration: 27:00, CD: HC 4

folkloristic, jazzy and dramatic

TROMPETENKONZERT op. 134 for trumpet and orchestra (2,2,2,2/4,3,3,1/timpani, 3 perc/harp/string orch), duration: 29 minutes, CD: HC 14

presents the trumpet in different styles, like early jazz, blues, classic, romantic … all those connected to a unity

GITARRENKONZERT op. 147 for guitar and orchestra (1,1,1,1/2,2,0,0/1,1, strings), duration: 20:38, CD: HC 8 – Musiktheater und Konzert

cheeky-colourful, melodic-virtuose, dramatic concert with 5 movements

JAHRTAUSENDWENDE op. 148 for tenor and orchestra (2,2,2,2/4,3,3,1/4 perc, harp, strings), duration: 7:09 Min, CD: HC 8 – Musiktheater and Konzert

shows dramaticly the problems and the chances of the turning point from different views

WER IST DER HERR op. 179 for speaker and orchestra (3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/2/piano,harp, strings), duration: 7 Min, CD: HC 18 – mit vollem Orchester