II. Pop music

II.Pop music

DIE KLARE NACHT NACH DEM STURM Op 44B voice and piano, duration: 4 minutes

JAZZY POP SONGS Op 92 voice and keyboard from texts of Udo Illievich and own texts, 1.Travellin Blues (high and low) 2. The clear night after the storm 3. Writin’letters 4. Sensation 5. I long for remoteness, duration: 21:09 minutes

JAZZY POP SONGS Op 92 voice, keyboard, oboe and violoncello 1. I long for remoteness 2. Travellin Blues

SENTIMENTALE LIEDER Op 42 from texts of Christa Beran, duration: 20:12 minutes

dialect songs with much emotion

3 COMIC SONGS Op 47 voice, 3 Go-Go-Girls and synthesizer orchestra. Op 47a SPEEDY MAN, Op 47b ISN’T IT MAGIC

GILLIE MILLER duration: 2:30 and 3:30 minutes.


AUSTRO GOSPEL Op 52 3i singersr and band, arrangements of 15 gospel melodies,. duration: ca 43 minutes. CD: 4770 4

gospel music with dialect texts

VERSCHOLLENE WERKE BERÜHMTER MEISTER Op 82 synthesizer from the Abenteuersuite, CD Spot 1:Rebellion (Rebellion): 1:49 Krieg (Battlefield): 1:51

from the Festivitätensuite, CD Spot 2:Höfisches Fest, Ball bei Hof(Courtly Festivity): 2:08, Siegesfeier(Victory Celebration): 2:04, Ritual(Native Ritual): 1:53

from the Komödiensuite, CD Spot 3: Satire(Satirical): 2:19, published by Arcadia CD: Spot-01 – Adventure, Spot-02 – Festivity, Spot-03 – Comedy

MADAM, MADAM, SCHLOSS PHARMASTEIN op.220 voice and synthesizer ( for the theatre Delphin), duration: 3:55 minutes