II. Ballets


PAS DE DEUX IN JAZZ Op 7, ballet for 2 dancers, picc, stringsquartet, piano and perc., duration: 13 minutes

The male and the female face each other

MUHAMMEDS TRAUM Op 19 after a Persian fairy tale, fpr 5 dancers and chamber orchestra (1,1,1,0/0,1,2,0/harp/piano/2 perc/string orch.), duration: 30 minutes, CD: HC 14 and video

ballett after a Persian fairy tale

ORPHEUS JETZT Op 53 for 7 dancers and ensemble, symphonieorchestra(2,2,2,2/2,2,3,0/2tensax,perc.,harp,piano,guit, string orch) with sologuitar, the story of Orpheus and Eurydike playing in the world of drugs, hypnosis, electro shock, psychiatry, agents, dealers and police which registers and sruveys us, nevertheless a romantic ballet with an own ending, duration: about 41 minutes, CD: HC 6

Rock – ballet music