I. Orchester

I. Orchestra


SYMPHONIE  ODER  DER ZUSAMMENKLANG op. 6,  from texts of the  „Hohe Lied“ from the bible,     mezzosoprano,   tenor,   choir and orchestra (4,2,4,3/4,3,2,1/2 hartromb/4 perc/stringorch.),   movement 1-3 instrumental,  movement  4 Soli and choir,  4.movement can be played alone, as the movemens 1-3, duration:  40 minutes (1.movement: 7:15, 2.movement: 5:30, 3.movement: 11:00,  4.movement: 16:00 minutes)

The story of Sulamith and her lover

PAS DE DEUX IN JAZZ op. 7,  ballet for 2 dancers, picc, stringquartett,  piano and percussion, duration: 13 minutes.

The male and the female are facing each other


op. 18a  picc/trp  in  B or cl  in  B/ accord./pian/guit./vl./vcl.( suitable for musicschoolensemble) duration: 3 1/2 minutes, CD: HC 24 – Musik-Landschaften

2) VON VERWUNSCHENEN SCHLÖSSERN and       MINNESÄNGERN op. 18b orchestraion like op. 18a plus 2. vl and vla (suitable for musicschoolensemble),  duration: 6 1/2  minutes, CD: HC 24- Musik-Landschaften

2 fictious pieces for music school ensemble

MUHAMMEDS TRAUM op. 19 from a Persian fairy tale for 5  dancers and chamberorchestra(1,1,1,0/0,1,2,0/harp/piano/2 perc/string orch.), duration: 30  minutes, CD: HC 14 and video

balletmusic from a Persian fairy tale

ANIMA   op.  20  ouverture for orchestra (2,2,2,2/2,2,2,0/harp/2 perc /stringorch ),  duration: 10  minutes, CD: FKM 0100

The enthusiasme of men towards women

PEGASUS  op. 25 symphonic poem for string orchestra,  duration: 12  1/2   minutes, CD: FKM 0100

story about a relationship

WASSERMUSIK  op.  26  arrangement of  G.F.Händel‘s music, for small orchestra  (flauto  traverso/soprano blockflute,  2 oboes/hornpipe, bassoon, waldhorn in high C, stringorchestra, cembalo), duration: 10 minutes

ORPHEUS    JETZT   op.   53  for 7 dancers and ensemble, symphonic orchestra (2,2,2,2/2,2,3,0/2 ten sax, perc, harp, piano, guit, string orch.) with solo guitar, the story of Orpheus and Eurydike playing in the world of drugs, hypnosis, electro shock, psychiatry, agents, dealers and police which registers and sruveys us, nevertheless a romantic ballet with an own ending, duration: ca:41 minutes, CD: HC 6

Rock – ballet music

3  KONZERT-OUVERTÜREN-SUITEN  op. 82  Verschollene Werke  berühmter Meister, for orchestra, adventuresuite op. 82/I

1) Rebellion (Rebellion):  3 fl,  2 ob,  cor angl.,  2 B clar, bclr,2 bassons, double bassoon,4 F hrn, 3 C trp, 2 tromb/3. Tromb/tb, kettledrums , strings, duration: 2:44

2) Krieg (Battlefield):  picc,2 fl,2 ob,cor anglais, 2 B clar, Bclar, 2 bassoons, double bassoon, 4 hrn,3 C trp, 3 tromb, tba, side drum,big drum, strings, duration: 2:51

3) Tollkühnheit (Foolhardyness):  3 fl,picc,2 ob,cor anglais,2 A clar, 2 bassoon, double bassoon,4 hrn,3 trp,3 tromb, tba, kettledrums, strings, duration: 3:29

4)  Frauenheld  (Loveaffair): 4 hrn,2 tromb,piano,kettledrums,solovl, strings, duration: 3:57

5) Heldentum (Heroism):  2 fl,2 ob,2 A clar,2 bassoon, 4 F hrn,2 C trp,2 tromb, kettledrums, hanging cymbals, tube bells,strings, duration: 3:31

6) Patriotismus Moll/Dur (Patriotism):  2 fl,2 ob,2 B  clar,2 bassoon,4 F hrn,2 B trp,2 tromb,2 tb,kettledrums, strings, duration:3:55

7) Entdeckungen (schnell/langsam) (Discovery):  2 fl,2 ob,2 A clar, 2 bassoon,4 hrn,2 B clar,kettledrums,strings.duration: 3:29

published by Arcadia CD: Spot-01 – Adventure


festivitysuite op. 82/II

1)   Ritual   (Native  Ritual):     picc, 2 fl, 3 ob,cor anglais,3   b clar, bass clar,2   bassoon,double bassoon,4   F   hrn,3   C   trp,3   tromb,tba,kettledrums,Tam Tam,big drum,strings.duration: 2:27

2) Trauerfeier (Funeral Ceremony): cembalo,kettledrums,strings. duration: 3:06

3)  Siegesfeier  (Victory Celebration):  picc,2 fl,2  ob,2  B clar,2 bassoon,4 F hrn,2 B trp,3 tromb,tba,kettledrums,big drum, strings, duration: 3:18

4) Krönungsmesse (Coronation): oboe, orgue,strings, duration: 3:00

5) Höfisches Fest,  Ball bei Hof (Courtly Festivity):  2 fl,2 ob,2 A clar,2 bassoon,2 hrn,2 B trp,kettledrums,strings, duration: 2:38

6)    Festbankett   (Gala-Dinner): 2  ob,bassoon,2 trp,2 hrn, cembalo, string, duration: 2:38

7) Jubiläum,  Jahrestag (Anniversary):  3 fl,picc,2 ob,cor anglais,2 B clar, bass clar,2   bassoon,double bassoon,4  F  hrn,3   C   trp,3   tromb,tba,kettledrums,band cymbals,big drum, orgue,strings,duration: 2:44

published by Arcadia CD: Spot-02 – Festivity


comedysuite  op. 82/III

1) Burleske (Clownery):  2 fl,2 ob,2 B clar,2 bassoon,4 F hrn,3  Ctrp,2 tromb, tba,kettledrums, side drum,big drum.,glcksp.,Xylo, band cymbals,strings, duration: 2:53

2) Schmunzeln,  Lachen (Snicker): 2 fl,2 ob,2 A clar,2 bassoon,2 F hrn, harp,strings.duration: 2:59

3) Pointe (Punchline):  picc,3 fl,3 ob,cor anglais,D clar,  2 B clar,3 bassoon,double bassoon,4 hrn,3 C trp/D,F),3 tromb, kettledrums, strings, duration: 2:50

4)  Joker (Joker):  picc,2 fl,2 ob,2  clar, bass clar,3  bassoon, double bassoon,4 hrn,2 C trp/2 B Kn,3 tromb, kettledrums, harp, triangle, cymbal, glockensp, strings, duration: 3:01

5) Satire-Parodie,  Orientalische Szene (Satirical):    picc,2 fl,ob,cor anglais,bassoon,4 hrn,B trp,tromb,kettledrums,Crot,tam tam, side draum,big drum, tambourine, glockensp, viol.solo, strings. duration: 4:03

6)  Running Gag (Running Gag):  2 fl,2 ob,2 A clar,2  bassoon,4  F hrn,3 trp,2 tromb,kettledrums,B Sop.r.sax,strings, duration: 4:08

7)  Übermut (Funniment):  fl,2 ob,2 B clar,2  bassoon,double bassoon,4  hrn,2 trp,3 tromb,tba,harp,kettledrums,side drum, big drum, trgl,hanging cymbals,strings, duration: 2:50

published by ARCADIA CD: Spot-03 – Comedy

2001 – A SPACE OVERTURE op. 155 for orchestra (3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/kettledrums, 5 perc, harp, piano, stringorchestra), from a text of Paul Polivnick, duration: 12:48 minutes, CD: HC 16 – Im goldenen Saal

A space overture: Love – war – aliens – spys

2001 – A  SPACE SUITE op..177 for soprano, tenor, choir and orchestra (3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/4 perc/harpe/piano, strings), duration: 19:39 minutes, CD: HC 18 – mit vollem orchestra