I. Operas



I. operas

EIN FEST IN DIE ZUKUNFT Op 30 opera in three acts, libretto: Elisabeth Schrattenholzer, ordhestrration: 2,2,2,2/2,2,2,2/harp, piano, 2 Perc, guitar, strings, duration: 103 min, CD: HC 22 (2. Akt) – 100. Konzert

opera about love and personal freedom

DIE BÖSE 7 Op 40 – Therese Krones und ihr Galan – opera in 11 pictures after a true story in Vienna of the 19th century,, libretto: Roman Rocek, can be performed as puppet theatre or chamber opera, orchestration:: 1/1/1/1/1 -1/1/1/1-2 Perc, orguel/ piano/ Cemb, strings, duration:: 60 min, CD: HC 9

opers from the Biedermeierzeit with musical quotations from that time and a bit of musical

MAX & MORITZ, comical opera op.221, libretto: Wilhelm Busch and Alexander Blechinger, orchestration: 1,2,2,2/4,1,0,1/Perc/strings., 9 voice soloists, soloist ensemble, duration: 70:07 min, CD: HC 26

DES TEUFELS NACHT op. 246 short opera for soprano, tenor, bass, choir, violoncello, saxophone, piano, duration: 15:00

IHR KINDERLEIN KOMMET NICHT ? op. 247, short church opera against abortion for soprano, mezzosoprano, tenor, bass, violin and orguel, duration: 12 min