5. Quintette

5. Quintets WINDMUSIK – WINDMELODIEN op. 5 wood windquintett,  duration:  8 1/2 minutes, melodies, harmonies and rhythmes in freetonal style, published by NMV NeueMusikVerlag  DIE WILDE JAGD QUINTETT op. 84a wind playerquintett (2 trp, hrn, tromb, tuba) and percussion, CD: HC 7  – Kamemrmusik + HC 25 – 25 Jahre Harmonia Classica story of the myth of Wotan and his wild hunt EIN STEIRISCHES QUINTETT op. 181, violin, clarinet in B, voice, piano and violoncello, from texts of Peter Rosegger and Paula Grogger, duration: 9:30 minutes, CD: HC 28 – Lieder ernst & heiter

QUINTETTE VIENNOIS op.185 violin, viola, oboe, clarinet and double bass, duration: 16:19 minutes

FRÜHLINGSHYMNENTANZFANFARE op. 231 2 trp, hrn, tromb, tba, band cymbals, big and side drum, duration: 6:01, CD: HC  30 – Harmonie-heute, published by NMV NeueMusikVerlag