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Orch. Kzt. im Ehrbarsaal in Wien
Das böse 7 Vorspiel, Anfang

V. Wind music

V. wind music

PAS  DE  DEUX IN JAZZ op.. 7a 4 trumpets, 4 hrns, 3 tromb, 2 tb+percussion, duration: 13 minutes, CD: HC 30 – Harmonie-Musik

The male and the female are standing op..posite each other

VERSCHOLLENE WERKE BERÜHMTER MEISTER op. 82 for wind band, from the adventure suite:  Rebellion, for 3 fl,2 ob/cor angl, 2 B clar, bass clar, 2 bassoons , contrabassoon, 4 F hrn, 3 C trp, 3 tromb, tba,timpani, duration: 2:46,  published by Arcadia CD: Spot-01 – Adventure

from the festivity suite:  Ritual, for picc, 2 fl, 3 ob, cor angl, 3 B clar, bass clar, 2 bassoons, contrabassoon, 4 F hrn, 3 C trp, 3 tromb, tba, timpani, tam tam, big drum, strings, duration: 2:02,

Siegesfeier, for picc, 2 fl, 2  ob,2  B clar,2 bassoon,4 F hrn,2 B trp,3 tromb,tba,timp, big drum, strings, duration:1:59, Krönungsmesse, oboe, orgue, strings, duration: 1:03

published by Arcadia CD: Spot-02 – Festivity

DIE WILDE JAGD,  op. 84 2 fl( lib),1 ob(ad lib),2 cl in B,  cl in B/ES,2 alto sax in Es(ad lib), tensax in B(ad  lib), barsax in  Es (ad lib),bassoon (ad lib),4 hrn in F( lib),3  tenhrn  in B( lib),baryton,3 trp in B,3 tromb,2 tba, glockensp, trgl, band cymbals,  side drum,  big drum, duration: 4:34

descrtiption of the mythe of  Wotan and his wild hunting

DIE WILDE JAGD QUINTETT op. 84a for wind quintet (2 trp, hrn, tromb, tba) and perc., CD: HC 7 – Kammermusik, HC 25 – 25 Jahre Harmonia Classica

descrtiption of the mythe of  Wotan and his wild hunting

WIENER  HORNFANFARE op. 89 for 8 F horns, duration: 1:40  minutes

for 50 years of the  UNO

RHAPSODIE   FÜR   BLASORCHESTER   op.   93   duration:   10   minutes

variation with popular music, swing, blues and lyric music

NÖ FANFARE op. 102 for 3 trumpets in B, 2 trombones, band cymbals, side and big drum, duration: 1:40 minutes, CD: NÖM Mix, HC  30 – Harmonie-Musik

for a competition

FOXY LADY op. 114 Swing for big band, duration: 4:05 minutes

Swing Swingband

POLLHAM TREU op. 118 for wind band (2 fl, 3 cl, 2 flhrn, 2 hrn, tenhrn, baryt, 3 tromb, 2 tb, band cymb, side and big drum, duration: 4:50 minutes

festivity march

HEIMATRECHT IST MENSCHENRECHT-FANFARE op. 156 for 2 trumpets, F-horn, tromb and tuba, duration: 3:45 minutes, CD and MC: HC 15 – Die Vertriebenen + HC 25 – 25 Jahre Harmonia Classica

for the 120 celebration of the Deutschen Schulverein

LIEDER MIT BLASORCHESTER op. 163 for soprano, tenor and wind band ( 3,1,6,0/ e trp, 3 flh, 1 hrn in F, 3 tenh, 2 tba, 3 perc), duration: 5:40 minutes

for 2 soloists and wind band

MEIN BILD VON TIROL op.. 234 for wind band, duration: 7:45 Min