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IV. Classical

IV. Classical

DIE KUNST DER FUGE 0p 68 orchestration of J.S.Bach“s piece for the series ESOVISION under the title:The Spirit of J.S.Bach . duration: 72:32. published by: ARCADIA. CD: EV-77

Die Kunst der Fuge of J.S.Bach orchestrated in a avaried way

TOPCLASSICS Op 69 orchestrations of Bach“s: Brandenburgische Konzerte, Tschaikowsky: Schwanensee, Verdi: Requiem, Wagner:Walkürenritt – Tannhäuser, Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite, Albinoni: Orgel-Adagio. duration: 29:33 min. published by: COSMOS, ARCADIA. CD: 375.299

short versions of famous classical pieces