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Orch. Kzt. im Ehrbarsaal in Wien
Das böse 7 Vorspiel, Anfang

IV. Choir and Orchestra

IV. Choir and orchestra


ÖSTERREICHISCHE BUNDESHYMNE 1998 op. 136 arrangement of Mozart‘s hymne for choir and orchestra (2,2,2,2,/2,2,2,1/timpani, 3 perc, harp, string orch.), duration: 3:41 minutes, CD: HC 4

Because of the instrumental interpretation of the text the hymne gets a new touch

LA FUERZA FLAMENCA op. 158 for men‘s choir, piano and orchestra (3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/timpani, 3 Perc, piano, string orch), arrangement of melodies from Alexander Rahbari, duration: 46:43 minutes

Suite with 10  Flamencos

KEIN ABSCHIED FÜR IMMER op.171 for choir and orchestra (3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/4 perc/harp/strings), from a text of Ilse Storfer, duration: 3:20 minutes, CD: HC 16 – Im goldenen Saal